Gilead Project leads an effort to support organizations and people working to end child sexual abuse.  We believe that great evil can be transformed and redeemed; our goal is to become a “light on the hill unto the nations” once more.  While not a specifically Catholic effort, the effort is born of Roman Catholic values and informed by our social justice stance in the world.

We believe and affirm the proposition that our healing comes from facing the evil we have done, and allowed, in our church.  We have articulated a vision of hope from the many strands of work we have been doing on this issue as we created the GILEAD PROJECT.  Our plan is to engage with urgency in strategies to amend harm and restore trust and credibility.  We plan to continue speaking, educating, and to collaborate in developing innovative programs with multiple participants.

Gilead Project is a collaborative endeavor and houses the “Uncommon Conversation” project developed by Susan Pavlak and Gil Gustafson. We seek and engage in partnership with allies who seek to transform the environment of Church and society regarding sexual abuse and abuse of power. Susan and Gil have shared their experiences, strength and hope with various audiences including prisoners who have committed sexual offenses, Department of Corrections classes, denominational officials and seminarians.


Board of Directors

President: Susan Pavlak

Secretary/Treasurer: Mary Woida


John Martens

Gerald Schlabach

Jeanne F. Zimmer