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Letter to the Editor, Minneapolis Star Tribune October 5, 2015


In an unexpected collaboration, we see courage and hope

We felt hopeful and challenged after reading the Sept. 21 commentary about clergy sex abuse (“Together, a victim and a perpetrator”). Seeing that a victim of sexual abuse and a sexual predator have been able to break out of their respective emotional and psychological prisons of shame, vulnerability and isolation (victim) and denial, delusion and isolation (from personal knowledge, shame and self-hatred — abuser), commit to work together to offer hope and help to other victims and predators is incredibly courageous and hopeful.

The Gilead Project challenges widely held beliefs and the state of Minnesota’s demonstrated commitment to lifelong civil commitment of convicted sexual predators. Susan Pavlak’s and Gil Gustafson’s work, combined with research and the work of others, demonstrates that victims and perpetrators can transcend their individual issues, play a significant role in healing deep and painful wounds, and ultimately contribute to the overall welfare of the community. Regardless of whether the project is able to purchase the archdiocese chancery, as hoped, we are hopeful the collaboration will lead to positive opportunities for victims of sexual abuse and perpetrators of such abuse.

Bob and Judy DeNardo, Eagan